Southwest Redevelopment Hearing Tonight

From the desk of Councilman Dave Mello:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

If you are at all interested in providing a smart growth future of our Southwest neighborhood, please attend our next Southwest Redevelopment Planning Board hearing TONIGHT at 7:00 PM at our Multi Service Center. The bulk of tonight’s meeting will center upon questioning by the legal representation of various property owners in the Southwest study area of our Planning Board professionals who wrote the study being considered.

The Multi Service Center is located at the SW corner of 2nd and Grand Streets.

Just showing your face for a few minutes will send a strong message to our planning officials and representatives that you take the responsible planning of our Southwest neighborhood very seriously, and expect that our Planning Board will do likewise.

I hope to see you there,


David Mello
City Councilman At-Large
twitter: djmello

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