Source: FBI to deliver a crushing hammer blow

The Feds are going to swing the hammer hard

Yesterday MSV’s traffic shows there’s a voracious appetite for what’s about to befall Hoboken or rather the justice that’s about to strike harder than the hammer of Thor, courtesy of the Boys (and girls) of summer.

As many grew impatient through the summer months winding into fall, the Feds were not sitting idly by.  Based on the latest volley, a source offering some deep dish on Grafix Avenger predicts “major headlines.”

Here’s a sampling of the source’s insight:

“An entire city’s IT department was seized and turned over to the Feds.  I don’t think it’s ever been put in its proper perspective what’s been done when the Feds came in and took over… It’s unprecedented in terms of the amount of data turned over voluntarily.”

As important, the source is connecting the dots to more trouble for the Old Guard beyond the immediacy of the Data Theft Ring Conspiracy itself adding, “This has tentacles everywhere.”

MSV has stated as much going back to the summer that this investigation will lead to criminal machinery along multiple lines, with at least one being a surprise.

The source notes there won’t be a frog march since the attorneys are going to negotiate the surrender of their clients voluntarily for arrest.

Talking Ed Note: MSV has stated its belief based on collected puzzle pieces over months that the impact of the FBI investigation and resulting pleas and prosecution will be transformative for Hoboken and the source at Grafix Avenger further cements that view.

One notable conclusion is the source’s mention of attorneys negotiating the surrender of their clients so they don’t get cuffed and stuffed from Hoboken.  Which means at least some of the negotiations may have been going on for some time.

The Feds have much to sift over in hard evidence on the dozens of hard drives they collected and more work sifting through all the singing and finger pointing among the Old Guard.

Notice since yesterday’s MSV story, the frenzied multiple screen names of political operatives paid not for friendship has completely ceased except for one lone crooner from Texas?

This is the mother lode of deep dish.

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