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Ceremony went well today. Before it began, while taking pictures of ex-felon and former Mayor Anthony Russo from across City Hall, he demanded no pictures be taken. “Don’t tell me what to do,” came the reply.

At this, he lost his temper and started making threats, “I’ll come over there and knock you out.”

“Go ahead do it,” was the emphatic reply. More threats from Anthony Russo and the refrain, “Go ahead and try and send all the goons you want.”

Then he called over the police complaining and they said, “Hey you guys can talk after the ceremony.”

To which they were informed, “We’ve never met or spoken before.”
After thanking them for their service the matter was over. This took place across the entire width of City Hall with MSV all the way to the far right and Anthony Russo all the way to the far left, a distance of at least 25 feet.

Ex-mayor Anthony Russo, not pleased with pictures at the public event.  Even less with the MSV push back.

Later, the following photo was taken and Lane Bajardi breaking an order not to speak to MSV, got up and said, “Get out of my face” as he walked directly toward. Later after being given an unwelcome response from someone in the room who we believe told him to stay away as an excrement, he went outside to “call the police.”

So they were given a business card and that was the end of it as Lane Bajardi whined, “He is taking my picture and harrassing me. He’s not credentialed.” The word credentialed appears nowhere regarding free speech in the Constitution.

Earlier Grafix Avenger stopped by and on hearing this story laughed at the obtuse hypocrisy. At the last council meeting, she recounted, Lane Bajardi told two people to go take pictures of her as they surrounded her from three sides just a few feet away to take pictures.

Presumably, the photos are on behalf of Hoboken411 which seems to be lacking city information of late to craft its pathological lies around, but one can expect them to make do.

Council meeting is moving professionally, but Beth Mason and her friend seem quite miserable.

Is this news?

Lane Bajardi (c) at the new dawning of the council. He’s forgotten his intimate, organized camera assault from only the last meeting he joined in with against Grafix Avenger as she’s retold.

Obviously, the pressure is getting to some. Maybe that pressure starts with the letters FBI.

Update: It was only the next day, I realized this was almost the exact same thing that occurred at the BoE forum at Stevens last year. When Lane Bajardi came walking all the way over a row of seats and then down the aisle before his surprise assault and then forcibly robbed me of the camera and left with it. Just like yesterday, he gets up and comes over some distance to yell, “Get out of my face with that camera!”

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