Small business to take it on the chin in City Council @ 7:00?

(There’s a presentation on Hoboken parking early in the meeting worth viewing)

Hoboken’s business community often beleaguered based on pronouncements in recent years will be facing another challenge when regulation is proposed mandating sick pay in firms of ten or more.

The controversial regulation found itself on the agenda without any committee meetings or community outreach according to multiple independent sources. Grafix Avenger issued analysis stating it’s driven by political purposes to impress Governor candidate in waiting, NJ State Senator Steve Sweeney.

Earlier reports suggest Councilwoman Beth Mason is seeking to obtain approval to win the Lt. Governor’s slot on a possible Sweeney bid for governor should Chris Christie move to run for president. Mason previously tried to purchase the approval of State Senator Brian Stack for the Assembly seat he controls covering Hoboken and part of Jersey City in 2013.

That attempt failed after rumors of a bidding war between the Mason family and perennial Hoboken politico Frank “Pupie” Raia reached seven figures for the seat and echoed in Hudson County with fear it could become a Blagojevich affair. In the end, the departing Assemblyman Ruben Ramos is thought to have convinced Stack to go with current Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia.

That selection proved controversial in its own right with the incessant drive to redevelop the 15 acres in downtown Hoboken spanning its Housing Authority yielding millions in developer profit with the brochured plan Vision 20/20.

So here we are looking at a resolution copied almost word for word from one recently passed in Jersey City. Although a guest piece yesterday focused on the hospitality industry and the negative impact it could have, the proposal impacts ALL Hoboken based businesses with ten or more employees.

Talking Ed Note: Any potential impact of the resolution won’t be felt by sponsor Councilwoman Terry Castellano who employs several people at her thrift shop on lower Washington Street, nor Beth Mason who calls herself “a small business owner.” The business referenced is believed to be a bevy of political operatives who may be paid through a shady entity called Newton, Lao, Leonard & Locke.

Beth Mason’s claimed 12 year career at “the company” has been deemed a sham by none other than Hoboken’s satirical columnist Grafix Avenger, who investigated the suspicious entity more than three years ago.

Sidebar: As a reminder, the Ustream app available on both the iPhone and iPad allows you to watch the Hoboken City Council meeting without commercial interruption.

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