Slates, schools & unicorns

Hoboken currently has one official mayoral candidate in incumbent Mayor Zimmer and a slew of declared and undeclared candidates who have their reasons to run or suggest their intention of doing so.

Good intentions are all the rage.

Yesterday, one intended candidate who held a successful fundraiser announced their intended slate. Good intentions being what they are, their slate features some interesting choices intentions. Good intentions signaling the electorate is what matters, no? All hail the Pupie Express!

So Karen Nason, local businesswoman of Hot House on lower Monroe St. leaked her intentions for a slate and it signals how to delicately put it, some interesting constituencies. A slate of intentions does not however a slate make. A platform would be more helpful but in these jaded political times, that too is often a road to nowhere.

Making public intended slate selections is akin to announcing your relaunching a horse buggy carriage being pulled by unicorns. Both have a similar impact and can be counted on to elicit all kinds of nostalgia, at least for some when the Old Guard did things their way.

Remember this platform pictured below? It came from the ex-mayor and convicted felon who squeaked out a mayoral election victory in the spring of 2009. One of the items high on his agenda unmentioned in the lit is the $25,000 in bribe money taken from a would be developer. He turned out to be Solomon Dwek, a FBI informant sending one Peter Cammarano among others on the road to a federal pen for one less than colorful color of right violation.

One could call this all cynical but then you’d be missing out on all the fun.

The 2009 platform of then mayoral candidate Peter Cammarano before he
took $25,000 in bribes from a FBI informant. 

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