Sinatra collapse update

City of Hoboken announces:


A major roadway collapse occurred shortly after 4pm today on Sinatra Drive near 13th Street. There have been no injuries as a result of the collapse. According to the County engineer, additional portions of the road are expected to collapse due to the tides.

This road was built by Hudson County and the sidewalk and pier were built by Applied Housing, and they will be working together to repair the road. Hoboken’s City engineer will be involved in the process to ensure that the repairs are completed as expeditiously as possible. The costs of repairs will not be the responsibility of the City of Hoboken.

The area has been secured with fencing and barriers, and police will remain in the area to ensure the safety of the public. Access to Lua will be available at their side door near Basic Learning. Hudson County and Applied will be providing security with the Hoboken Police Department providing relief as needed.

It is estimated that repairs will take between two and four weeks, however we will know more after engineers have a chance to more fully evaluate the situation.

According to engineers, the building at 1300 Sinatra Drive also known as the Constitution Building is structurally sound.

It is anticipated that the uptown ferry terminal will reopen by 11:30pm on Friday, October 8th.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer thanks the Hoboken Police Department, Hoboken Fire Department, the Environmental Services Department, the Office of Emergency Management team, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, the Hudson County engineer and Applied Housing. We regret the inconvenience to Hoboken residents. The City will be working to ensure the road is repaired as quickly as possible.

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