Sign of the Times: Zoning Board on Jefferson and 13th

Here’s a photo today’s Sign of the Times, a huge development taking up a whole block on Jefferson and 13th Street.  There was discussion about the desire for retail playing a role in the development.  Unfortunately, the presenter didn’t feel the area would support such retail operations in the northwest section of town.

The board asked if he was an economist.  The gentleman said he wasn’t, but had 30 years of experience in development.  Other than one NYU professor, most economists have missed the mark in recent years.  The man probably knows what he’s saying.

Da Horsey didn’t stay too long to find out if anyone knows how so many new people added to the area can withstand the lagging sewage infrastructure.  Uptown is becoming a nasal awareness zone as in be aware, your nasal passages are about to be assaulted.

This proposed project is massive taking up the whole square block.  No known timetable is even proposed at this point.  One observer speculated the developer may be looking to retain future rights without actually doing so in the near term.  The economy would certainly lend itself to that interpretation.

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