Sign of the Times: Who’s sorry now?

In less than a month, the celebrated Hoboken “tradition” of voter fraud moves front and center at trial in an ‘On the Waterfront’ stylistic tragicomedy.

The main characters, Frank “Pupie” Raia and his alleged soldier Dio Braxton face trial with the FBI Boys of Summer in Newark swinging for the fences.

Who do you think knocks it out of the park and who’s sorry now?

Matt Calicchio and Frank “Pupie” Raia enter Our Lady of Grace auditorium for a May 2011 City Council forum.
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Former Councilwoman Beth Mason departs a 2012 “State of the City” in a waiting car with her “Chief of Staff” and
paid political operative Matt Calicchio.
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Beth Mason shows love for her employee Matt Calicchio departing the 2012 event.
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Beth Mason and Matt Calicchio at 220 Adams St. awaiting a Hoboken Housing Authority meeting in 2013.
Calicchio would confess to the FBI his participation in a voter bribery scheme in the same year.
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Beth Mason and Matt Calicchio at the Hoboken Housing Authority senior building Fox Hill Gardens for her 2012 event.
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Matt Calicchio and Beth Mason at a 2012 BoE meeting, (Frank Raia front center) when the BoE contemplated joining
other NJ municipalities moving to November elections. The Old Guard was vehemently against it.
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Matt Calicchio gets loose removing his tie and clenching his fist as he stares down a potential foe.
Dio Braxton is sitting front left as Councilman Michael Russo (l) looks on.
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Matt Calicchio on his way to the Mason Civis Leage at 12th
and Washington after a Union City judge called him a liar
at a trial for his alleged harassment of a BoE trustee and her daughter.
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Last week, Matt Calicchio admitted his guilt for his role in a voter bribery scheme in the 2013 and 2015 Hoboken elections.

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