Sign of the Times: Welcome to the CM Punk Smackdown


The cottage industry of the WWE and its superstar wrestlers has finally catapulted Hoboken’s Beth Mason to where she wanted to be.  A councilwoman among nine in a hamlet of 50,000, she’s attempted to bankrupt Hoboken, close its hospital, and cause mayhem in the hopes of political gain.

Matt Calicchio’s boss Beth Mason

Well, she finally made it to the big stage!

With her employee being central to a harassment incident in the St. Louis airport, MSV has seen a surge of traffic from all points in the US, Ireland, UK, Italy, and Australia.  Seems like these wrestling fans want to learn about the person who was yelling and cursing at their champ on the way to do his job.

After others attempted to discourage Mason employee Matt Calicchio from following the man, he then began taking pictures of the guy which is legal in a public place but certainly in bad taste after you yelled and cursed a guy out saying how much you wanted to see his neck broken the next evening.

Well Beth Mason sure does know how to pick talented employees.  Mason has always wanted to get beyond Hoboken in politics as she’s said “What’s the point of being a Hoboken (second ward) councilwoman?

Who knew that it would be her employee Matt Calicchio who would put her on the national map.

Congratulations Beth.  You’ve hit the big time!

Original CM Punk smackdown graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger who has more:

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