Sign of the Times: Weasel with an easel

There’s been some talk about the poster who coined the phrase weasel with an easel – MSV believes commenter Hobbes is the rightful heir to such a claim.

There’s delicious ironic dilemma for the NJDC and one of its board members highlighted on Grafix Avenger in a story about the innuendos enticing a certain type of hate speech over on Mason411.  
It’s been said the NJDC is still linking to the hatchet job there but even more troubling is the link remains even with the nasty rantings exhibited there just yesterday.  MSV understands Larry Stempler was warned but became angry saying the NJDC linked to Hoboken Patch.  Sorry, not so Mr. Stempler.
Grafix Avenger lays out all the gory details.  Congratulations to Beth Mason for showing us karma ain’t just a you know what; it also can strike quickly with extreme prejudice.
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