Sign of the Times: Tim Occhipinti for Mayor?

If you watched any of last Wednesday’s City Council meeting one of the highlights or lowlights was the escalating problem of Tim Occhipinti’s petulant behavior.  For reasons only he can explain, his usual outbursts when others are speaking or insistence on repeating the same points no one is swayed by over and over have increased in frequency to the point the Council President must be wondering if he’s running a meeting or kindergarten.

Was it a one time thing due to the absence of Councilman Michael Russo who has been known to verbally bully other people on the dais from time to time?

Occhipinti clearly thinks people need to hear him drone on and on over and over with the same meandering points often irrelevant, mostly pedantic, grandstanding and full out gasbag hokum combined with parts bunk, hooey, malarkey, and gobbledygook.

In short, has the orator Tim Occhipinti ever swayed council members (or the public) to the force of his logic?

The answer is no.  It’s useless grandstanding wasting everyone’s time.

Occhipinti insists he be allowed indefinite time to debate, that it’s his right to bore us and everyone to tears as long as he wishes.  Council President Ravi Bhalla has told him that no such concept exists in the council rules.  As a matter of fact the council chair can limit members to speak on any issue for no more than five minutes if he chooses.  It’s often been applied in the past.

Is Tim Occhipinti trying to get himself thrown out of a meeting so he can go cry to the press about how he’s being mistreated because he opposes the Administration?

It’s not like Occhipinti has any great policy positions he’s been working on advancing he can use as reasons to run for mayor.  He’s a full fledged member of the Old Guard now supporting increased city hiring, higher spending, higher taxes and on occasion he wastes millions or tries to sink the hospital if that will advance him and MORTe at the expense of the mayor and all of Hoboken.

For much of Hoboken these would be reasons not to have Occhipinti and his rich, colorful electoral history of massive voter fraud even sit on the City Council.  But for MORTe and especially Beth Mason – this makes Occhipinti a prime candidate for Hoboken mayor.

The effort to rally the Old Guard around Occhipinti is not only real, it’s continuing.

Talking Ed Note: It may sound crazy but there’s word Occhipinti has more Old Guard backing for a mayoral run than Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.  As Ramos has been around far longer, one would think he might be able to gather strength for a mayoral candidacy.

It’s not gaining much traction and MSV understands the Russo’s are not and will not be on board.  Ramos is very thin skinned and can’t handle a shred of criticism which may be why he’s created a lot of enemies in town.

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