Sign of the Times: Setup!

What smells worse than a three day old fish left out on the street?
Well, a sign planted on a mailbox on the corner of your block with your surging campaign rival.

How did it get there?

Why is a Jen Giattino campaign sign on a mailbox on the corner
where Ravi Bhalla lives when there’s two campaign signs of hers
right in the background of the store visible on the corner?
Can you say setup?

The store in the background is sporting not one but two Jen Giattino signs for mayor in the window. So what would be the motivation to add a third so close and illegally on a mailbox no less? It makes zero sense.

The Giattino campaign denies any involvement in the stupidity. Whoever planted the sign to score points is apparently unaware City Council President Jen Giattino pushed to keep all flyers off cars and telephone polls illegal posted in Hoboken. She even arranged for a cleanup on the same issue with volunteers back in 2011. 

The store seen in the above photo has one Ravi Bhalla sign and
count’em two for Jen Giattino for mayor. Someone didn’t think through their
setup for a hit against the Jen Giattino campaign. 

Even the Old Guard isn’t known for putting campaign signs on mailboxes. Guess who’s pushing this obvious canard? Who else is doing an updated low brow edition of Hoboken411? Yes, it’s the frick and frack of anything goes blogging.

Spreading this easily see through propaganda is exactly the type of Hoboken411 fare we’d see in years past but now it’s a Sybil’s Cave staple. What you won’t see there is an apology for the sexist demeaning attacks on Jen Giattino and by extension her family last week for inserting her “appearing” on the “dating game.”

It’s a shame but that’s how desperate they are. Let’s call this latest obvious hit job what it is: #FAIL!

The original August 2011 MSV story where Jen Giattino worked with volunteers to clean up flagrant flyers from the streets at the jump.

Originally published August 2nd, 2011

6th ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino’s cleanup call draws over two dozen volunteers

Councilwoman Jen Giattino’s family marshaled more than two dozen volunteers on Sunday to tackle the thorny problem of illegal notices posted all over public property.
The effort drew more than two dozen volunteers and although planned as a 6th ward event, the manpower allowed it to spread out further in the Mile Square City.

A utility pole at 8th and Garden Street showed signs of a recent cleaning

The following areas were cleaned up:

Clinton between 3rd and 6th
Willow between 3rd and 14th
Park between 3rd and 8th
Garden between 2nd and 8th
Bloomfield between 2nd and 8th
Washington Observer to 14th
Hudson between 2nd and 14th
8th St. between Willow and Hudson
7th between Clinton and Hudson
6th between Clinton and Hudson
5th between Clinton and Frank Sinatra
4th between Clinton and Frank Sinatra
3rd between Clinton and Hudson
2nd between Garden and Hudson
Councilwoman Jen Giattino commented on the first time efforts saying, “Unbelievably, we were able to clean far beyond the 6th Ward today! I am so proud to be part of such an amazing community.”
Most Hoboken residents are not aware an ordinance exists that advertising should not be posted on public property such as utility poles or signs.  The cleanup effort restored much of Hoboken’s town character.
Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Jen Giattino submitted no promotional pictures for this event.  There is no personal website with personal congratulations or promotion.  That speaks louder than anything.

Congratulations to all those who participated showing civic pride in Hoboken. 

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