Sign of the Times: The Ravi-Russo Alliance rears its head again

The latest evidence in the Ravi-Russo Alliance mocking the dead body of the Reform Movement appears in this sign of the times.

It’s “Uncle” George DeStefano on the Hoboken Democratic Committee controlled by Mayor Ravi Bhalla with a hat tip to his ally, Councilman Michael Russo.

Uncle George DeStefano (r) joins the crew! He’s placed on the Hoboken Democratic Committee as Sargeant at Arms.

Last heard, DeStefano was running interference on the Hoboken budget attempting to stop the City Council efforts from reducing Ravi Bhalla’s tax increase. It didn’t work but an A for effort and unity for the Ravi-Russo Alliance.

Last seen, DeStefano was captured in an exclusive election violation story on on Election Day in 2017 at the polls in the 3-1. 

The Russo Clan took action teaming up with Ravi Bhalla’s paid political operative. A photo submitted from the lobby was used to allege criminal activities in the polling station versus actual poll watching.

The Ravi-Russo Alliance, not exactly the legacy planned by former mayor Dawn Zimmer, is it?

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