Sign of the Times: Ravi Bhalla’s pimped out 9 person chauffeur driven SUV

When you are facing some alleged “political” threat, what’s better than having your very own taxpayer paid, tricked-out 2018 Ford Expedition with chauffeur “bodyguard” to spire you around the dangerous Mile Square City hood and the eight blocks daily to City Hall.

Here’s Ravi Bhalla’s 2018 Ford Expedition!
Seats 9 with tinted glass, spinning rims & Atlantic City jaunts, all for $70,000?
Personal bodyguard-chauffeur not included.
Bangin’ Ravi, bang’in 

It’s a sign of the Hoboken taxpayer times!
Update: Build your own tricked-out Ford Expedition, 
starting at $73,000 (taxpayer loot not included):

Update: Late Friday, Hoboken Police Chief Kenny Ferrante offered some additional background on the above vehicle with the following details.

The Hoboken City Council early in 2018 authorized and budgeted this SUV as part of five vehicles purchased for the police department.
A large, black Ford Expedition SUV, luxury with a police package for the Hoboken Police Investigations Bureau is used for dignitary protection, moving of individuals in confidential situations, transporting of special victims and families of victims and the Mayor’s Security Detail.

In addition:
  • Mayor Zimmer never accepted a security detail or vehicle for government business 
  • Other Hoboken mayors had dedicated vehicles and likely every mayor in Hudson County
  • The SUV is not “assigned to the Mayor “solely” but for his security detail and other dignitaries and related matters
  • The SUV is only driven by two approved police personnel
  • The SUV is paid for by Hoboken taxpayers and one of two unmarked investigative police vehicles
  • The security detail was advised by the FBI after the 2017 mayoral election and is tinted for added security of occupants.

Talking Ed Note: Well all of HudCo does it so… Hoboken taxpayers will have to decide on the justification for this SUV and the attached costs of the security detail. Is it truly warranted?

Mayor Ravi Bhalla used this SUV for his jaunt to Atlantic City and its annual League of Municipalities; chauffeured “security” along for the ride.

Correction: This vehicle may seat only 8 maximum.

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