Sign of the Times: Political Insider writer ‘spun hard’

Can’t be sure what’s been going on in the dog days of summer around these parts, but it makes for some interesting chatter.  One such observation comes from political insider columnist Auggie Torres who inquired about the lack of visible paint on Observer Highway’s streets.

Intersections of Hoboken just got some new paint

Can’t say which stretch Auggie is referring to but it’s safe to say, he might have missed some new paint up over on the cross section of Observer Highway, Monroe and Newark streets the past few weeks. 

Although the street is officially a county road, it was brought to the attention of local officials concerned with reports of cars traveling on it the wrong way! 
Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs is responsible for moving on the problem and working with Hudson County.
Photo: Intersection of Monroe, Newark and Observer Highway, courtesy Tony Soares.
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