Sign of the Times: Pier C closed by the Hoboken Sopranos

Many people are heading to the Irish cultural festival down at Sinatra Park.  Just a stone’s throw from there is Pier C.  Unfortunately, no one will be enjoying Pier C any time soon.  
The Hoboken Sopranos: Michael Russo, Beth Abruzese Mason, Terry Castellano and Timmy Occhipinti voted down the work required to reopen it just last week.  Although the funds are available, they refused to allow the work to proceed and see Pier C reopen.
That’s how the Hoboken Sopranos roll!  1st ward Councilwoman Terry Castellano gets a special shout out.

Hey Terry, way to represent!  First ward sabotage and proud!
A sign hangs outside Pier C showing the fine effort of Terry Castellano to keep it closed. Sign reads bottom: 
“Terry voted against repairing damage from Sandy along with Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Beth Mason.”

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