Sign of the Times: Peter Cammarano & a bouncy house, not a federal pen

Former Hoboken mayor and convicted felon Peter Cammarano stands near the kids’
bouncy house at Saturday’s upper Bloomfield St. block party.
He’s been mostly unseen in public since testifying as a witness on behalf of
frivolous lawsuit SLAPPer and Beth Mason minion Lane Bajardi in Hudson Superior
Court last February. Before the case was thrown out of court mid trial, Cammrano testified
he hadn’t shared information on taking $25,0000 in bribes from an FBI informant
with the Hoboken411 ghostwriter. The civil case was flushed shortly after.

Related: Beth Mason’s pals’ efforts at advancing her political career took a drastic turn for the worse last July after Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi saw their frivolous lawsuit slammed with $280,000 in sanctions for its “misrepresentations” to the court and other serious problems and declared “approaching a fraud upon the Court.”

Beth Mason was reportedly so distraught with the July 8th decision she disappeared from public view  with the court’s legal decision issued missing over eight weeks and four consecutive City Council meetings.

Grafix Avenger story highlighted she had automatically vacated her council seat in doing so led to Mason rushing back to Hoboken from Virginia so she wouldn’t miss a fifth consecutive council meeting on September 2nd.

The City Council members with a reform majority bailed Beth Mason out of her automatic self-inflicted council seat ejection voting to allow her back into the seat and complete her term to year’s end.

Last February, in his testimony Peter Cammarano never once mentioned why he was arrested and charged by the Feds. A horse took the stand after and alerted the jury it was for taking $25,000 in bribes from FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

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