Sign of the Times: Parting is such sweet sorrow

Was it over a month ago since the Valentine’s meeting of the BoE where this shot of Councilwoman Beth Mason and political operative Matt Calicchio in her employ was taken?

It is but the echoes of that meeting live on and not solely in the misinformation from MORTe in the City Council where every aspect of their argument has been outright wrong or simply false information.

Councilwoman Beth Mason (l) looks back to Matt Calicchio as she departs the February 14th BoE meeting early.  Mason actually departed before the vote, an outcome not in doubt for November BoE elections.

Tonight’s Council meeting will feature Resolution Number 2: a Michael Russo concoction seeking to charge Council members Carol Marsh and Peter Cunningham for leaving an earlier council meeting last month.  This was in protest at the risk of a one day MORTe majority adding less than weak Hoboken Zoning Board members like Michael DeFusco who MSV heard made a hollow speech bereft of legal facts on behalf of a developer who has broken numerous rules in a bar construction on lower Jackson Street.

A few more like him and this town will see money changing hands in dark rooms behind closed doors with public proclamations on how they are providing great benefits to our neighborhoods as they sell us out, block by block, story by story until Hoboken is no longer even recognizable. DeFusco was the Hoboken Zoning Board member appointed under the unfortunate but short lived Beth Russo hydra.

Hoboken can not afford to see those days ever again.
Hasn’t this town had enough of the Hoboken Sopranos?

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