Sign of the Times: Old Guard United

The Phil Murphy visit to Hoboken brought out an interesting crowd. Of those in attendance from Hoboken, one Old Guard leader of their former west side Banana Republic who has been MIA for months since the FBI made a pinch of his lifetime compadre on bank fraud charges.

Pictured below, it’s Carmelo Garcia aka Mister Carmelo who is pictured having a special moment with Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano at the Murphy shindig.  Mister Carmelo has been out of sight mostly since his failed bid to snatch a council seat from City Council President Jen Giattino went down in flames. That filthy effort was tainted by a series of disgusting mailers Beth Mason fully funded using her Kreim spree political operatives. Where’s that campaign report showing where all the loot came from by the way?

Among those not getting hugs from Mister Carmelo Thursday night: Mayor Dawn Zimmer, her husband Stan, Dana Wefer, chair of the Hoboken Housing Authority board and of course the Hoboken taxpayers who Carmelo is suing in the third rendition of his “Ethnic Cleansing” lawsuit first filed and thrown out of court in 2013. He holds he was victimized when his reign of error at the HHA saw his contract terminated early. (He cashed the loot from the honored early termination clause. Isn’t there a lawyer who sees a contradiction there?)

He’s back! Carmelo Garcia (l), renegade Old Guard leader suing Hoboken, activist reform members and the mayor herself made an appearance at the Phil Murphy gathering Thursday night. Was he there to again demand Anthony “Stick” Romano put him on an at-large City Council ticket for 2017? If suing Hoboken and HHA residents didn’t stop his doomed council bid last year why would it be a problem next year?

For months, the Old Guard fed its propaganda arm the Hudson Reporter bountiful tales of a Mayor Zimmer – Phil Murphy secret affair even as a public event promoting technology growth in NJ named her as one of many attendees. The refrain was that there was something secretive going on between the two.

It was no secret Phil Murphy was organizing for a run for NJ governor and equally that Murphy and the mayor held similar views on a number of issues. The Old Guard fed Sully at the Hudson Reporter the raw meat in the hope to drive a spike into the heart of the working relationship between Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and Hoboken City Hall.

Then Phil Murphy went out and crushed every single opponent for the Democratic Primary scheduled for next June. Suddenly, it’s Mayor Zimmer who has an actual relationship with the potential new governor leaving the Old Guard wondering what can possibly be their next play.

While Stick Romano spent Thursday night chasing Phil Murphy to attend his November fundraiser, his publicly announced keynote guest and speaker NJ Senator Cory Booker is already heading for the hills as Grafix Avenger first reported, “Booker is not going to Romano 2017 fundraiser,”

If you expect to see Phil Murphy attending next month at Romano’s fundraiser, good luck with that. Stick give Mayor Zimmer a call and see if she can hook that up for you.

On another sour note, Romano may have gotten wind Sen. Booker is backpedaling faster than a track jumping NJ Transit train. When asked before the BoE forum where thuggery reportedly erupted he said of Booker’s attending, “That’s what they tell me.”

Who’s telling the paid attendees of the November event Sen. Booker will not be appearing?

Beth Mason’s pet Matt Calicchio goes ape Thursday night against the Forward Together candidates using a flashlight to shine in their faces while they tried to answer questions as QLC board member and former OG council candidate Eduardo Gonzalez (r) silently looks on. 

Thursday night, MSV departed the BoE forum early to get downtown where an overflowing crowd clamored to meet Phil Murphy.  Grafix Avenger who stayed to the end has all the seasonal ghoulish details.

More on all this coming in a special edition of MSV Premium.

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