Sign of the Times: Not even begun and surge hits Hoboken

Hoboken has not even seen a heavy rainfall but the surge has already begun to hammer downtown.  This won’t be good news to anyone hoping the storm was hype.  This is what our City is facing and it’s only just beginning.

Last night reports said the area by the train terminal was already collecting water.  This morning the area is already completely dysfunctional.  We have a long way to go and the pump while effective won’t be able to cope with what’s heading our way.  Thousands have already begun to lose power in several counties.  Horse Sense is feeling it’s only the beginning of what will be a rocky road.

Tonight the storm really picks up and we’ll see the worst overall effects.  Problem is what comes later is a dragged out affair as the storm is moving slowly and won’t be in any hurry to leave meaning things will get bad and stay that way for a while.

Be patient, help friends and neighbors and oh yeah repent.

The City has already closed Sinatra Drive.  If your car is parked there, you should try to move it out while you still can.

One novel solution for Hurricane Blues – a glow in the dark tub
c/o Hoboken Girl

Talking Ed Note: Our Hoboken colleague although we’ve never met, Hoboken Girl has already mapped out plans for when power may go out.  While her list is novel, she’s expressing a concern Da Horsey shares.  This storm is going to create havoc through the entire state of New Jersey.

If you’re feeling somewhat anxious and out of sorts, you have reason to be.  It feels like the day after Thanksgiving and if you are aren’t taken in with mandatory consumerism, it seems odd all around.  We’re awaiting the storm to take hold and while many look to the skies, it’s the storm surge coming to our shoreline that has people in the know worried.  Very worried.

This time, there’s good reason.

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