Sign of the Times: a new Hoboken dawning

Sifting through the rubble after an election where Hoboken’s unofficial Reform Party led by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer absorbed every dirty punch thrown at it, the Mile Square City may finally be turning a corner on its “On the Waterfront” past.

The seismic City Council victory led by Reform’s anti-corruption champion Councilman Peter Cunningham and the succeeding dominoes Councilwoman Jen Giattino with new council members-elect Tiffanie Fisher and Michael Defusco shifts the tide for Hoboken progress in the next two years and perhaps further.

There’s no mistaking however, looming in the backdrop is the ever increasing abuse by the Old Guard using Vote-by-Mail ballots.

In a late update last night after 10:30 pm, the Hudson County Board of Elections threw the Hoboken BoE a loop adding 600 VBMs to the totals propelling John Madigan into top vote “getter.” Earlier the county had a clean sweep for the Reach Higher slate registering 100% of the vote.

Legal challenges may follow with third place being contested between current VBM beneficiary Britney Montgomery who holds a tenuous hold on third place with Addys Velez nipping at her heels.

The new 7-2 majority for Reform on the Hoboken City Council means policy differences among voters will emerge and debates on issues can and will be weighed.

One of the top issues shot down by the Old Guard council members years back, fixing and repaving Washington St. will move ahead as a top priority.

Now there will be a normal real debate on the particulars, not the Old Guard Russo faction blocking progress withholding a needed sixth vote for spiteful politics.

So in the end, Washington St. and Hoboken can move forward.


Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrives at the Hudson Tea Building last night greeting Councilwoman-elect Tiffanie Fisher. A room full of Fisher supporters enthusiastically greeted the two who made clear an era of second ward representation and citywide progress is here.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino who absorbed an onslaught of vile dirty politics from Carmelo Garcia and Beth Mason saw a decisive victory last night. Councilman Jim Doyle joined the uptown Reform Party celebration at 10th and Willow with a throng of supporters.

Councilman-elect Michael DeFusco (r) shares a lighthearted moment with Mayor Dawn Zimmer at the downtown party of Assemblywoman-elect Annette Chaparro at Mills Tavern. He had not heard anything from his opponent Terry Castellano late last night.

NJ Assemblywoman-elect Annette Chapparo is surrounded by affection with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and her man, Police Chief Ken Ferrante at Mills Tavern.
Anti-corruption champion Councilman Peter Cunningham
addresses a packed room at 10th and Willow last night.
He led an overwhelming victory in the fifth ward making
Vote-by-Mails there inconsequential.

Peter Cunningham photo courtesy of Mac Hartshorn

There’s a lot more to come. 

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