Sign of the Times: The Mikie Dilemma

Councilman Michael Russo, an unannounced anticipated third ward council candidate for re-election in 2019 is surrounded with magical numbers.

In 2015, his campaign reports state he loaned his unopposed re-election bid $15,000. It appears that the full amount was utilized to fund over 240 “campaign workers” during that election, mostly at $50 per pop.

All but 20 of those alleged campaign workers voted by mail in a remarkable similarity to the $15,000 check Frank Raia paid out for similar activities in 2013.

It’s a Sign of the Times.

Talking Ed Note: Last night, Councilman Russo flipped his vote rejoining Ravi Bhalla’s efforts for a non-binding November referendum on e-Scooters. The measure again utterly failed in a 6-3 vote and is maybe one of the last significant votes in the Ravi-Russo Alliance. That’s for another day.

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