Sign of the Times: Mike Russo says, ‘Let’s move on and stop talking about our corruption’


Councilman Michael Russo’s had enough. Recent elections in Hoboken invariably see more than whispers about corruption.

The Hoboken corruption chatter builds upon the people who won’t vote for him, his select City Council running mates and the agenda of their big developer allies be it the Barry family, re: Applied companies / Ironstate Development, BASF, etc.

Worse, those people are more likely to vote for candidates with a professional pedigree for 21st good governance and work with Mayor Zimmer.

Russo’s decided even if he’s finagled a deal to run unopposed for re-election, he’s not going to take it anymore. He’s putting his foot down that further discussion about corruption needs to stop.

After all, in November’s 2017 election, he’d like to run for Hoboken mayor. If the Hoboken public keeps talking about corruption, how can he ever see himself nail down the family’s top business CEO slot with its hands on the money at City Hall?

Russo’s heard enough about Hoboken corruption talk and is taking a stand on Facebook:

Part of “the past” with the million dollar quarter swindle Michael Russo doesn’t want highlighted at a Russo running mate’s kickoff party only the other day?
John Corea (l) makes an appearance at the Peter Biancamano council fundraiser. Out on parole, he masterminded a swindle of four million quarters in Hoboken parking meter quarters to a south 
Jersey mob connected arcade firm. As Terry Castellano said, “It’s all cleared up.”

Or the family interest in $5 per tow?

Michele Russo enjoying a moment at the Russo-Carmelo Ticket for Eduardo Gonzalez, their “big developer friendly” candidate taking on Councilman Peter Cunningham in the fifth ward. Relegate the “five-dollars-a-tow to the past?”
Celebrating the clock turned back in Hoboken with Anthony Russo at the Russo kickoff:
Former mayor and convicted felon Anthony Russo cheering on the Russo-Carmelo slate at son Michael Russo’s kickoff last week for the unopposed third ward council seat. 
Michael Russo would like to see any discussion on his agreeing to big developer bribes captured on FBI surveillance video end. In 2011, MSV’s reporting led to its release.


Michael Russo wants running mates like Eduardo Gonzalez elected who favors a big developer deal with BASF on the six acres in west Hoboken. Gonzalez wasn’t suppose to know the developer’s proposal he recently touted in a live City Council meeting.
Eduardo Gonzalez and running mate pal Michael Russo spring a big developer deal leak.
OOPS! Leak news courtesy of Grafix Avenger.

Mayor Zimmer and her council allies have taken away the keys to the City. 
Will you help the Michael Russo Clan and his allies get it back?

On November 3rd, you decide.

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