Sign of the Times: Majority vote preference with runoffs surge in Hoboken

Ballot question in Hoboken to be decided on Election Day
Mailers hitting Hoboken residents urge support for a ballot question to bring back runoff elections and with it, majority rule in our municipal races.
In opposition to runoffs elections being approved at the ballot box are the supporters of Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Ravibots; those who will say just about anything, deny the truth, reality or a fact if it serves his political interests.
Since the controversial and ugly mayoral election last year, arguments about runoffs have been constant with Ravi Bhalla and his insiders being deeply fearful of its potential return. Does his having waged a scorched earth campaign against friend and foe winning with 32% of the vote have anything to do with it?
The usual Ravibot arguments are all self-serving and disingenuous. They proclaim fear of voter fraud although the potential impact for voter fraud impact is far greater in a large field of candidates in a winner take all race. Notwithstanding the US Department of Justice finally made Hoboken a priority and is currently working on a conspiracy case against voter fraud in the Mile Square City.
Voter fraud in Hoboken is on the run but the Ravibots won’t tell you that. (Thank Horsey later.)
The other argument typically badgers residents about a falloff in the second round of balloting. However, with Vote-by-Mail options and long hours with the polls being open, the real actual evidence for any drop off is low information voters are not so easily led by the nose a second time. In Jersey City, a council race was decided by a hard-working candidate, James Solomon, who came from behind for a runoff victory.
Isn’t that what democracy is all about? Fighting for the last vote and making a passionate argument to voters showing you are deserving?
In Hoboken, the arguments are less about the Hoboken voter and more about a cult of personality push to aid and abet a wannabe career politician. That’s not in keeping with any principle of service the Founding Fathers had in mind.
MSV has articulated an independent position for instant runoffs. It needs further legislative efforts but without runoffs on the books, you can’t achieve the second portion of that objective.
So on Election Day, VOTE YES on the ballot question for runoffs.

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