Sign of the Times: Landmark victory for Hoboken and Mayor Zimmer saving hospital

After the big turnaround with a unanimous vote in favor of making the parking agreement official for the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center, Dr. Abby Jacobs enveloped Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a joyful embrace as a packed council chamber applauds celebrating a miracle for the hospital.

There’s little to say as MSV will have video saying it all!  The council majority sat on an embarrassment of riches when their opposition crumbled in the face of a huge turnout of Hoboken residents and hospital employees.

An attempt to present an illegal side deal by the council minority as being conclusive to the Hoboken victory was met with derision by the majority of the audience in attendance.  That minority “deal” is an unenforceable farce meaning nothing.  MSV understands some will attempt to sell that “smell.”

Congratulations to Mayor Zimmer, the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority, especially Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo and the City Council majority who stood up for Hoboken.

Finally the overdue victory for Hoboken, HUMC and its long suffering employees.

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