Sign of the Times: Hoboken public snubs Beth Mason again

Free Coffee and Donuts can’t overcome Beth Mason’s pariah status in Hoboken

Beth Mason spent lavishly publicizing free coffee and donuts earlier this week at a wildly popular reopened eatery on upper Washington Street. But from a public Facebook photo, other than Mason’s paid staff and those working at the restaurant, the public showed its disdain for the councilwoman who has long ago lost support in the second ward. (We’re not counting the Applied Housing votes paid with over $50,000 in street money putting her actual votes in 2011 at a cost near $200 per vote.)

Ironically, the Beth Mason permanent mayoralty-in-exile campaign continues to be an outright bust. This time she invaded the turf of the popular fifth ward Councilman Peter Cunningham.

There’s toxic and then there’s Beth Mason toxic.

Ghost town – Beth Mason hosted a free coffee and donut event at a wildly popular reopened eatery on upper Washington St. 
earlier this week but the public chose breakfast elsewhere.

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