Sign of the Times: Controversial Ex-Hoboken Construction Official Al Arezzo returns to Hoboken

Hoboken’s Al Arezzo, once known as the terror of the town construction office was rumored to not only be back in town but holding court in one of his favorite watering holes in the middle of the day yesterday.  Just like old times.

Word is he’s back and looking to sue the City’s taxpayers since he was forced out of his position for some unknown conduct unbecoming last February as reported first in an earlier MSV exclusive.

Michael Russo leaves the closed session of the last City Council meeting walking past the Hoboken Construction Office.  That office may be in the news again with Al Arezzo back in Hoboken and believed looking for a payday.

Arezzo is thought to have had his hand in businesses in town when not regulating the construction of others.  One rumor is he was one of the original owners in a group of nine for the bar/restaurant Nine on Washington with Scott Delea.

“Mr. Integrity” Scott Delea

Delea to our knowledge never answered the question as to whether Arezzo was one of the partners.  Then again, who gets a straight answer from Scott Delea?  Mr. Delea who is currently wanted for copyright theft from this website with material used in his third failed run for City Council last spring has sidestepped addressing that issue too.  He said that both he and his lawyer would be getting back to MSV “later today” to address the matter.

That was more than two months ago.  He’s been MIA and avoiding numerous invoices ever since.  Way to go Scott!

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