Sign of the Times: Frank "Pupie" Raia at Dem Committee

Frank “Pupie” Raia attended the Hoboken Democratic meeting last night or rather we both hung around outside Room 84 before, during and after the reorganization meeting.

As a number of photos were taken, Raia posed and invited others to wave for the camera or would pose and ask for a picture. Here’s one we obliged but later another was declined as the ‘victim’ looked less than enthusiastic.

Frank “Pupie” Raia snared former 2nd ward council candidate Franz Paetzhold to pose for a photo while everyone awaited the vote tallies outside of Room 84 on lower Washington Street.

Raia made jokes what seemed like every few minutes asking people to wave for the camera. At points, some did and later Raia approached Franz and said, “Aren’t you happy to be on our team? We’re happy and nice,” later adding something along the lines about corruption not totally clear. As Franz Paetzhold was standing less than two feet away, MSV is not sure he was thrilled with Raia’s line of questions toward him. Franz was friendly enough to extend an invitation for a beer later but based on the incident below, we said it’s best not to do so this time with the “Real Dems” group. We agreed to huddle next time at the Hudson Tavern.

Later Raia would joke to MSV, “I bet you also vote by mail.” To that we flat out lied, “Sometimes.”

Ruben Ramos (l), not a fan

There were some surreal moments and this following the quorumless City Council just earlier fit the bill as one. The other was Assemblyman Ruben Ramos going by and greeting people nearby but not saying a word then saying within earshot he doesn’t read the site. So Da Horsey aired a rumor, that a family member reads MSV and loves it.

To that, he retorted sharply, “(She) thinks you’re a piece of shit.” He then repeated the statement with emphasis and added, “And so do I.”

Later we recalled two stories here where we criticized Assemblyman Ramos’ positions as being beneath his office. The Assemblyman should know some of his friends also agree with that assessment and it’s not a unique conclusion.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos who many feel is aiming for the mayor’s race in 2013 probably won’t be giving MSV an interview if he prevails. Que sera, sera.

Talking Ed Note: If this isn’t enough of a local political buzz, by far the biggest rumor is the FBI is cranking up some letters for targets. How many we don’t know. People are speculating on a lot of things but MSV has not seen it all hitting the atmosphere like this in quite a while. What it means in terms of timing is not clear but commenter Reasoner is only fueling the fire writing:

The wind in the hallways still whispers that Newark has audio and video on the 4th Ward Council win. Tim was so much of an emasculated puppet that he is not even going to be charged so long as he goes State.”

For the record MSV does not know who Reasoner is and isn’t trying to find out. It’s policy here not to share information on who people are even if we do know and there’s no reason to make this an exception.

If Reasoner wishes to be provocative, they’ve succeeded.

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