Sign of the Times: Flying in Formation

Although the air traffic of helicopters over Hoboken had tailed off some of late, it’s picked up again.  Here’s today’s formation going up and down the length of the town.

The UK announced yesterday a terrorist “severe” alert and a new book released by a former speechwriter in the Bush Administration is challenging the current administration on the policy of allowing terrorists to lawyer up and not answer questions.  The book details an insider’s view on the enormous amounts of information obtained from captured terrorists and the numerous attacks halted.  On another front, the policy of giving the Islamic Nigerian terrorist full rights as an American citizen was questioned in a Washington hearing and not one of the administration people present including National Intelligence Chief Dennis Blair Head or Homeland Security could say who made that decision.  Attorney General Eric Holder has not been interviewed on the matter and has still not explained what rationale terrorists are being selectively given American citizenship rights for trial in the US.  Maybe he’s busy building a case to prosecute the very people who are working to protect the US.

Scott Brown the newly elected Senator last Tuesday made this issue one of the centerpieces in his campaign along with his opposition to the government takeover plan of health care.

Where this is heading just can’t be good.

Three helicopters fly over Hoboken Saturday morning.  All rights reserved.

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