Sign of the Times: Feeling the Bern in Hoboken?

Yesterday midday showed a tremendous line on Washington St. perhaps the biggest line in memory as it went all the way down and around fourth toward Hudson.

What can turn out a crowd like that? Was a presidential candidate making an unscheduled appearance?

A long line goes south down Washington and around the corner to Hudson Street.
Was a presidential candidate making an appearance?

The New York primary for the major parties is set for the upcoming Tuesday next week. So, it wouldn’t make sense for anyone to be making a campaign stop in Hoboken, the unofficial sixth borough of NYC.

The long line sure did bring out a crowd for perhaps one candidate. It’s the annual Ben & Jerry’s free giveaway to promote a local mentoring charity. Most of the people in line weren’t there to donate, they were lining up for “free.”

Or as one local woman said aloud, “Look at all the yupsters lining up for free ice cream.”

Oh well, you can’t please everyone but when the call goes out for free, you certainly feel the Bern.

Related: Before the Soviet Union collapsed, it felt the Bern, when Bernie Sanders took his beloved for a honeymoon trip there in 1988 before the implosion of communism. Burlington, Vermont had its own “foreign policy” and “sister” city in the communist homeland.

Sanders also visited the socialist paradise of Cuba. Couldn’t get a meeting with communist icon Fidel Castro but supported the Sandanistas in Nicaragua who were known for their human rights brutality against Miskito Indians and religious liberty.

Then as now so many feel the burn of the red yolk. Let us all join in for a chorus of the Soviet internationale while we count the tens of millions of murdered victims on the path to communist utopia.

A new NBC poll suggests the eMedia and its establishment backers right and left can’t be pleased with a poll showing Donald Trump within the margin of error dead even with Hillary Clinton.

Explains much of the paranoia as another establishment myth disintegrates. It’s only April and a long road to November.

Can a moderate liberal New York businessman defeat the Clinton Crime Machine come fall?
The entertainment is ony beginning.

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