Sign of the Times: Dave Mello and Mike Russo in post meeting text showdown

The argument over texting on the City Council dais shamefully started by Tim Occhipinti peering at Councilman Ravi Bhalla’s text message on a later appointment with Mayor Zimmer and Hoboken residents led to a post meeting showdown on the matter.

Council members Dave Mello and Mike Russo continued the discussion about texting and in somewhat rough terms.  Mike Russo complained he received text from his wife and got personal with Dave Mello and insinuated the discussion could be escalated to a more physical venue.

Councilman Dave Mello refused to back down noting Councilman Mike Russo would be wise not to act on his suggestion right there on the City Council dais.

“You talk’in to me?”  Councilmembers Dave Mello and Mike Russo continued the discussion on texting after the meeting had ended.  Dave Mello did not give ground then and not during the meeting. 

Talking Ed Note: This was easily the worst meeting witnessed even with it going just over an hour.  The Beth Russo minority is not pleased losing power.  They are angry, carping and bitter their budget ruse to deplete the city of its surplus and strap the town into an impossible position failed.  Councilwoman Beth Mason continued pointing her finger at everyone but herself.

It was the worst behavior seen by this eyewitness.  It would be wise for everyone to take note of what’s transpired over recent months and run the meeting with stern professionalism following the rules and providing members their time to voice their thoughts and then act accordingly.

What took place last night and over some months has been a testament to what little regard some members on the Council hold for their colleagues, the institution, the public and Hoboken.  They think Hoboken is their fiefdom to do with as they please and railroad anyone in their way.

Perhaps that too will change beyond the ceremony tomorrow.  Perhaps soon.

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