Sign of the Times: Das Pump II pumps Hoboken out in first critical test


The heavy rains blasted through today and the results for Hoboken with the second pump coming online in its first ever test.

The results witnessed on the ground are nothing short of outstanding:

Around midday, after very heavy rain both streets surrounding the ShopRite notorious for flooding were completely clear without a hint of flooding.  The second water pump for Hoboken is now online and kicking much butt.

Only minor collection of water near the corner of Ninth & Madison due to a divot as the water is not collecting at the corner where the sewer is completely clear.

At 11th & Madison, no water was visible impeding the street anywhere as the ShopRite parking lot shows
plenty of business coming and going.

Congratulations to all the officials who brought the second flood pump online with the assistance and cooperation of the North Hudson Sewerage Authority!

Special thanks to Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the Hoboken City Council, Richard Wolff who leads the NHSA and the NHSA commissioners.

Thank you!

Photo credit courtesy Jhnny “to the butter” Newman

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