Sign of the Times: Councilman Ravi Bhalla Suez recusal as red ink hits $10 million

Councilman Ravi Bhalla left the dais and parked in the rear of the council chambers listening to the discussion on
the failed Suez contract proposal as the public looked on. Public interests is rising as MSV saw an increase in views
yesterday to over 6,200 and the mayoral race enters full swing.
Mayor Zimmer upped the red ink owed Suez from $8.3 to a cool $10 million?

Talking Ed Note: MSV followed up on the never-ending Condon Affair with the NJ Department of Community Affairs. Some Bhalla campaign supporters complained sources who claimed the matter would be further reviewed by the State mentioned in an earlier “Talking Ed Note” under the next NJ governor was incorrect.

The Public Affairs office of the DCA responded to MSV’s inquiry writing:

“While we are aware of the Appellate Division’s ruling in this matter, there is no further action to report.”

An update will follow pending further details from the DCA if/when available. The last action took place in December 2014 on the ethics complaint saga going back to 2010. The administrative judge who ruled the ethical complaint frivolous was overturned back in December 2014.

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