Sign of the Times: Corruptocrats United!

Carmelo Garcia head of the agency he’s suing in his banana republic of the HHA poses with his fellow litigious supporter 
of Vision 20/20, the massive undocumented redevelopment plan downtown in Councilwoman Beth Mason.
The event for Garcia was a failure as most people rejected repeated pitches to surrender (more) money to Garcia.

Unrelated: Taxes are going up in Hoboken and once again it’s HudCo courtesy of the HCDO increasing your bill. Carmelo Garcia gets a piece of the action. He receives $5,000 annually reportedly as an “aide” to Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano.

Garcia is on three taxpayer payrolls: $165,000 annually from the federal housing agency, $49,000 as an Assemblyman since selected by Union City Mayor Brian Stack and the bonus money $5,000 from the county.

Hoboken taxpayers will see on average an increase from the County of approximately a little under $400 annually.

How many Hoboken taxpayers does it take on average to give Garcia extra loot so he can net $219,000 a year as a “public servant?”

Garcia hopes to continue to sue you. Although most of his second lawsuit in as many months was thrown out of court on introduction, one piece alleging a “veiled threat” survived for now and with it Garcia’s dream to get more of your money.

Concilwoman Beth Mason is excited at the prospect and is continuing to sue the City of Hoboken for legal bills and her litigation in support of oppressing almost two dozen residents’ First Amendment rights of speech in Hoboken including this website.

Related: Mayor Zimmer asks Hudson County to tighten their belt and reduce spending as she has done in Hoboken but the admonition is falling on deaf ears.

Unrelated: Tonight the Hoboken Housing Authority will hold a meeting. As usual, the HHA commissioners will share one underpowered microphone and Carmelo Garcia will hold the other powered mic and do 85% of the talking forcing his bosses on the board to listen and its majority prevented from doing anything.

The HHA board majority will not be permitted to make any democratic submissions of any resolution(s) as  Garcia, the self-appointed Banana Republic dictator will not allow it and will continue to order the HHA Chair Rob Davis to stop any democratic majority action.

HHA commissioners continue to say legal requests for information at the HHA are withheld by Garcia on sheer whim. (MSV was finally able to get his contract from Trenton when the HHA Board was unable to obtain a copy.)

But Carmelo Garcia’s rights to free speech are being “threatened” don’t ya know.

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