Sign of the Times: Claudio Reyna in Hoboken

Considered the all around greatest American player to come out of our young footballing re: soccer nation, Claudio Reyna the former US National Team Captain held a Q&A at Mulligans Monday night.  It was probably the first time a bar was filled with people and none were there to watch American Monday Night Football.

Now the head of youth development, he’s transitioned from having the best career in Europe playing in Germany, Scotland and England while also playing on four US National Teams.

He’s with the US National Team staying at the W Hotel before tomorrow’s international friendly against Ecuador.

He has a foundation to support children too in underserved areas such as New York and Newark with an eye on expansion to other New Jersey locations:

America’s finest football export, perennial US National Team Captain Claudio Reyna at Mulligans

Talking Ed Note: After Q&A, had a chance to speak more with Claudio who is really happy to be heading up youth development in the US.  He spoke passionately about coaches not focusing on their own results (and resumes) but player development.

He felt US coaches need to let players go out and play, make mistakes and learn without being pressured by a coach patrolling and yelling on the sidelines.  Da Horsey could not agree more and ironically when in Philadelphia as a young teen, we had a coach by way of Argentina.  He never said much during halftime let alone during a game.

You parents out there, take note.  That means you too.

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