Sign of the Times: Brother can you spare $100,000?

Ex-mayor and felon Anthony Russo hits up a reporter at the council ceremony.

When a 2010 city audit revealed several unqualified people receiving city paid health benefits, the one making the news was Anthony Russo.

The estimated cost to the city and the taxpayers for this largesse was $80,000 – 100,000.  The city made a comment an effort would be made to recover the funds.  It’s unclear how they will do so with the former mayor still owing an outstanding obligation well over $300,000.  It’s a sum he claims he’s unable to pay due to gambling away the hundreds of thousands he extorted from one city vendor alone.

Councilman Mike Russo complained why the audit was done in the first place and demanded an answer from Mayor Zimmer.  He also recently claimed cutting the mayor’s and director’s salaries for the second time (but none for the City Council) in recent years saving $65,000 was worthwhile.

The Russo family may not be pleased with the attention of some photos taken of Anthony.
A comment “Why don’t you just leave him alone,” came up in a discussion later in the day.

When do the Russo’s ever leave the Hoboken taxpayers alone?  Just as importantly, when do they ever pay the tab?

The vig is running. Pay up.

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