Sign of the Times: At Ruben Ramos fundraiser, Scott Delea makes a run for it but fails

Tuesday night was an event jammed night in Hoboken.  At the Elysian Cafe, Ruben Ramos held a fundraiser, officially it’s for his Assembly committee but in reality it’s a warm up for a mayoral run.

As MSV arrived Perry Belfiore pointed to note State Senator Nellie Pou in attendance while Scott Delea (r) made a run for it.  He thought he escaped but no such luck and he’s immortalized showing his true colors if not follicles.  

Ramos’ event brought out the Old Guard crowd with Mike Novak coming to Hoboken for a visit joining politico Perry Belfiore, Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, former Public Safety Director Angel Alicia, former 2nd ward council candidate Franz Paetzold, developers and the usual suspects.
Councilwoman Beth Mason also made an appearance.  
Copyright thief Scott Delea leapt into action to escape MSV’s camera.  Fail.  Nice try Scott.  
Should have tried a more natural position like slithering on your belly.
The Old Guard is not pleased the BoE’s $60 million budget evaded their grasp with April elections moving to November.  They are gearing up for the Hoboken Mayor’s race in spring 2013.  
That’s a $100 million bounty and they are already eyeing that prize.

Shotgun marriage Part IX?  At the City Council meeting debating a bond to save the hospital and the Hoboken taxpayers Frank “Pupie” Raia and Michele Russo were on the same side: kill it.  Raia would want to build the condos there and Michele would want the sales commissions.  Is this part of another go round in 2013?

Talking Ed Note: The buzz on the street isn’t if Ruben Ramos is going for mayor but how much money from the fundraiser can he roll over into a mayoral run?  Based on the wheeling legislation passed in Hoboken with the entrance of Councilwoman Jen Giattino last summer not much but there’s the law of Hoboken and then there’s the law of necessity.

Of equal interest, did Beth Mason see the writing on the wall with her baseless 2nd ward council seat providing zero toward a citywide mayoral run?  The big question in the room is did she see the lack of Old Guard support for her as a reason to throw in the towel and kiss the Ramos ring?

Or is Mason just going to throw caution to the wind (and the FBI) and start writing massive checks to political consultants (again) when everyone thinks Old Guard unity is complete?

As one keen observer commented here, the Russo’s were notably absent.  One Old Guard source says the Russo clan will come full circle in their never ending love-hate relationship with Frank “Pupie” Raia.  They’ve shown a united front at City Council meetings and the BoE.  Raia can taste regaining power and the controls over the BoE’s $60 million budget, but it’s the chair on the second floor at City Hall he truly covets.

Much remains unseen but in Hoboken, it’s always a game of who you wish to be seen with and what it means when you ain’t.

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