Sign of the Times: Environmental Services Director Replaced

Jennifer Maier last month

Jennifer Maier the Environmental Services Director has been replaced by an interim as of today.

One of the difficult aspects of running a department in Hoboken is the lack of standards and unlike some of her colleagues who have written up people for not doing as required, it may have not been the case with Ms. Maier.

One of the reasons she was brought in was her grant writing ability.  Dealing with people not doing as asked may have been more taxing.

She also may not have enjoyed the bullying by the clownish antics of Councilman Mike Russo, even though it wasn’t directed at her, the second pay cut in the position passed by Beth Russo certainly was.

Sadly, the politrickin is what you have to put up with in just attempting to do a professional job as a Director in Hoboken.  With the Beth Russo hydra still breathing, for a few more weeks anyway, nothing decent is safe.

Speaking of decency, tonight is the Beth Russo special meeting in search of the FBI’s criminal investigations information.  The meeting will begin at 7:30.  Who will attend is a mystery.  It was called by the Beth Russo majority including outgoing Councilman Nino Giacchi.  Call it a professional lawyer’s courtesy.  It’s been set up behind closed doors and the information requested is to aid lawyers: defense lawyers.

Good luck with that.

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