Showdown: “War of the Budget Amendments” in City Council @ 7:00

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Tonight Hoboken’s budget war will continue since the City is denied the ninth vote in Jim Doyle who is sidelined due to the Mason family appeals on behalf of the Hoboken Sopranos.

So the fun and games will continue with budget amendments from the Finance Chair Jen Giattino and for MORTe Timmy Occhipinti.

Later a non-binding resolution on the BoE and its 4% tax increase will see much grandstanding by its sponsor Michael Russo and his allies.  There won’t be any calls for layoffs of teachers or budget specifics (heaven forbid) in the City Council let alone at the BoE itself, that’s not in the grandstanding playbook.  Kvetching is and tonight, they will kvetch.  A lot.

The BoE had a flat budget with no tax increase for several years but expect to hear about the injustice of the 4% increase and how State law allowed it to go through without a public referendum.  (Keep in mind no BoE budget was ever voted down in Hoboken, but let’s not get caught up in facts.)

The irony shouldn’t be lost on anyone paying the freight in town that the people who want taxpayer jobs on the municipal rolls will be yelling loudest tonight claiming they are their greatest defender.

Sadly, they do this as if no one really knows otherwise.  Go talk to the people in the 3rd ward and see if they know the real deal.  More do and are hip to the grift.

Here’s the complete resolutions:

Correction: According to one longtime resident and MSV reader, back in the 80s and 90s there were occasions when the BoE budgets were rejected.  The State allowed the BoE to exceed its 2% cap this time as there was no increases in prior years.

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