Showdown at the HHA attorney selection hoedown

The buzz on the street is there’s a showdown to take action on appointing an attorney to the Hoboken Housing Authority.  It’s been a six month war trying to move a relatively simple process to completion.


Executive Director Carmelo Garcia favors the status quo.  Reports are he’s been opposing efforts to have an open bid process where multiple choices would become available by setting the mechanisms so that there is no alternative but the status quo.

That’s what MSV has been hearing on the grapevine for quite a while.

Finally, after months of a sorely lacking bidding process allowing for other bids to fairly compete, real options may be put to a vote.  It’s been pull your own tooth out painful and tonight there will be a vote.

Or will there?

People are expecting some stunt to be pulled to prevent a vote on the bids.  The HHA is the last bastion of the Old Guard and even with a reform oriented board, it’s a full out war zone.

At the last meeting, one official attending faced a tirade of curses in the audience from a behemoth of a Beth Mason political operative who claims to be employed as a full time picture hanger in a Hoboken art gallery closed most of the time except during election season.

This battle is going street.  Actually it went street, now it’s headed to full out bloody warfare.  Millions of dollars are on the line and from what MSV hears, jail time.

That’s a threat the Old Guard is trotting out too.  Lots of green at stake friends, lots of green.
Where will you be when the battle ensues?

Hoboken Housing Authority meeting

Time: 7:30 pm

Place: 221 Jackson
The board of the HHA with ED Carmelo Garica as usual holding the only mic.

Correction: The meeting was planned for 7:00 PM but was noticed for 7:30. MSV apologizes for the error.

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