Seesmic Video Comments Software Activated

For the brave the video comments software is now activated.  No tests have been done so let’s wish those hearty souls good luck.  Appears enabled for the Microsoft side, but on the Mac, it looks like only the audio version is working, at least with the internal camera on laptops.  How many kids will grow up with this technology and make fun of the adults who used to write out their comments.  It’s only a matter of time right?  

You need to make some settings for camera and your mic but it takes just a few seconds.  You can activate the software as an anonymous user too.  We’ll wave the normal requests for one user id and email information to let folks give it a test run.  But the comments policy remains.

Maybe we’ll get some static backgrounds with audio comments first.  Da Horsey would go with the outside shot from the living room window.  It overlooks the Empire State Building and the colors schemes are always changing.  Well that’s just an idea, but let’s see what folks do along those lines.  Initially we thought to restrict this feature to fillies only.  But some of those pretty horses like to just stare and bat their pretty eyes.

Brought to you by Seesmic.

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