Sections of Hoboken regain power with PSE&G racing against the clock

PSE&G in race against the clock to get Hoboken powered up with dropping November temperatures

Additional reports of power returning to parts of Hoboken is a tremendous morale boost to many in the community but PSE&G is facing a race against the clock as evening temperatures are falling to freezing in the next few days.

MSV confirmed yesterday several areas downtown were powering up in the fourth ward from lower Jackson Street and points east.  Other reported areas in midtown in the area of Church Square Park saw power coming online as well.  The vast majority of Hoboken however remains without power.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer speaking with residents after the Wednesday afternoon press conference.  While the initial estimates of PSE&G’s efforts to get Hoboken powered on are reduced, colder November temperatures adds to the urgency to see more of Hoboken powered back up.

The regional fuel crisis continues to be problematic with reports it may be a week before adequate supplies are available.  One commenter on the City of Hoboken Facebook page noted this morning:

Anyone considering leaving town, please read this: Gas lines are miles long and 2+ hour waits. Also, most are restricting people to 5 gallons. The line back IN to Hoboken extends for MILES!! If you’re leaving town in hopes of getting gas, you’re just going to run out. Make sure you have a clear destination with enough fuel to make it there. Good luck and be safe, hopefully some normalcy will return soon.

More than one colleague has commented on the fight to keep morale up over the last few days due to the lack of power but the challenges outstanding are going to test the resolve of many in the community further in coming days.

Our Hoboken cyberspace colleague, Hoboken Girl has begun a fund for monetary donations for Hoboken at the link below:

Please click the link above to donate any amount.

One intrepid citizen has set up an interactive map showing useful information on Hoboken pulling back into operation.  The Hoboken Sandy Recovery Map includes updated information from twitter and the City of Hoboken Facebook page ( where power is back with other detailed information on power stations, markets open, etc.:

Hoboken interactive map detailing recovery.  Are there really horse provisions available?
Keep in mind the map is interactive and is not verified so think of it as a general template, not confirmed fact.

Verizon is sponsoring a power station for phones at Adams and 8th Street but the focused concentration, Power Strip Row is on Hudson from Sts Peter and Paul Church up to 11th Street. continues to update the growing list of open eateries.  We spotted Molly’s Milk Truck on Washington Street and 7th yesterday afternoon.

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken Patch has been active in putting up timely, informative reports ( and twitter posts through the hurricane while other local media have been limited due to the storm.  In one disturbing case, it’s megalomania indifference or worse due to its political underwriter/sponsor.  Let’s call it what is is: evil.

So many deserve recognition for their never say die attitude in helping this community.  Public Safety is doing a tremendous job, working to exhaustion and beyond with overtime a daily necessity.  In the end, it’s everyone who has pulled together and reached out beyond themselves to others that merits recognition.

The sight witnessed yesterday on a random trip to City Hall was simply amazing.  To see so many people, especially young people from all corners of the City including Stevens students working toward a common goal was moving.

Hundreds of people have been volunteering.  The organization is impressive and more are needed and welcome.  You can register right at the front desk at City Hall – 94 Washington.

City emergency number is 201-239-6644 (city hall command center).

Churches at 4th/Hudson (Sts. Peter and Paul) and 8th/Washington (St. Matthews) are open for shelters and allowing folks to charge up phones and laptops.

Thank you to everyone who has heeded the call.

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