Second case death in Hoboken, 152 cases overall and free testing for the symptomatic with Riverside

Hoboken announced the second death connected to the Communist China coronavirus among the latest tally of 152 confirmed cases.

The mayor’s office announced Carmen Rivera succumbed to the virus a day earlier, mother of Hoboken Police Detectives John and Fabien Quinones at Hoboken University Medical Center.

In the last two days, Hoboken announced the number of cases increased to 129 and 152 respectively.

In addition, Mayor Ravi Bhalla announced a local testing option to all Hoboken residents who are symptomatic. Any resident who believes they may need a test can contact the (201) 420-5621 in advance to schedule a test with Riverside Medical Center.


Riverside Medical Center has officially opened up COVID-19 testing to Hoboken residents. Any Hoboken resident with symptoms of COVID-19 is now eligible to receive a test through the existing Riverside Medical Center testing center on 14th Street between Jefferson Street and Madison Street.
Residents with symptoms of COVID-19 must call 201-420-5621 in advance to schedule an appointment. No walk-in testing will be permitted without an appointment. The calls will be fielded at City Hall by Hoboken’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) beginning today for a soft-launch between the hours of 1 pm and 4 pm, and this Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Starting Monday, April 6, the call center will be open to schedule appointments from 9 am until 5 pm, Monday through Saturday. Riverside’s testing center will be open Monday through Saturday.
The mayor’s office released how testing for Hoboken residents will work:
The testing center will be open to Hoboken residents only, with proof of a utility bill or driver’s license required. Anyone without symptoms will not be eligible for testing. 
The test will be free for all Hoboken residents. If a resident’s insurance does not pay the cost of the test, the City of Hoboken will cover the cost, which is approximately $50. Once an appointment is secured, the resident can either have the testing done through a drive-through with a vehicle, or through a walk-in station. 
The Riverside Medical station is the first in the State of New Jersey to offer an option for testing without the need for a vehicle.
“I also extend my sincere thanks to Sgt. Montanez from our Office of Emergency Management and the Hoboken CERT Team for staffing our call center, Director Leo Pellegrini, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Caleb Stratton and Brian Aloia from my staff for helping facilitate the logistics of the testing center, and to the Hoboken City Council for authorizing the purchase of testing kits for Hoboken residents,” said Mayor Bhalla.

Mayor Bhalla urges self-isolating policy in Hoboken writing:

With the weather getting nicer, I continue to urge all residents to remain indoors as much as possible. I know that for many of us, our first impulse is to head outdoors during warm weather. I can assure everyone that the nice weather will still be there on the other side of COVID-19. Additionally, one concerning aspect of COVID-19 is people that have the virus may not be showing symptoms for the first several days. You, or someone you may interact with on the street may not look sick, but the virus can be transmitted without anyone knowing it. Sacrificing our outdoor time now will help us save lives in the long run.

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