Scotus punts, Dominion electronic vote fraud confirmed & states’ competing slate of electors

On Friday, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas case accusing four other states of relaxing their own laws to allow widespread election fraud to overturn the 2020 election results.

18 states joined Texas and half-a-dozen petitioned to submit their own legal briefs with over one-hundred Congressman representing well over 100 million Americans.Yet with jurisdiction on such a collision between states, only two Justices: Samuel Alito (of New Jersey) and Clarence Thomas agreed to hear the case.

All three justices nominated by President Trump hid under their desk. 

Lawsuits are raging across the United States with the battleground states in the mix and competing electors voted in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia among others as part of a plan to set up a fight to the US Congress on January 6th. 

A number of states saw competing sets of electors today put forward in the battleground states but in Michigan, they were blocked at the door by Governor Gretchen Whitmer flashing her fascist left credentials.

Meanwhile, as the Democrat Globalist State Media continues to gaslight Americans about the inevitability of Election Theft 2020 and Joe Biden, a fight lies ahead. Thuggery rears its head and the majority of Americans according to recent polls do not accept it.

Breaking news came out of Michigan, where a judge ordered examination of 22 Dominion machines in Antim County. The Democrat election officials desperately tried to block release of a cybersecurity report but the judge ordered its release today.

The findings are devastating and show there was no human error in switching thousands of votes as claimed. It was all by the Dominion machines and the switch was designed into the program to allow for it.

Here is how they discovered the switched votes in favor of Joe Biden over different dates when running checks through the machines.

Celebrating further efforts in Election Theft 2020, an artist in Communist China added to the furor with a depiction of a future United States under the control of the ChiComs.

With each advancing day, the former Republic of the United States of America becomes more like Communist China as the Bill of Rights and free and fair elections are turned upside down by callous, feckless state election officials. 

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