Scooter rules – it’s the law

Yesterday, the explosively charming weather took many out of their global cooling wet funk timed with the launch of Lime e-Scooters.

First encounter, two people, a man and a woman midday on Washington St. uptown. He was trying to get the device going south – with the woman on board!


A 15 minute Horsey ride on Sinatra Drive saw a lot of people zipping around. It was like an infestation of locusts. Rather harmless all in all with many grins coasting by.

Later in the day, however, more and more people took to the street or rather, the sidewalks. That’s illegal! None seen wearing a helmet other than the sighting of one Horse on Sinatra Drive gloved over front hooves.

There were zero education efforts other than the City website by the Ravi Bhalla Administration. By day’s end, the Hoboken Police Department received almost 1,000 complaints with illegal actions by Lime riders across town: riding the opposite way on one-way streets, doubling up on the one person devices and ignoring traffic signals.

This is the Soprano State after all. Yesterday, Hoboken singlehandedly lived up to the billing.

Here’s the sane advice offered courtesy of the Hoboken Police Department.

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