Scenes from outside the City Hall Protest

Protestors chanted against Mayor Zimmer making quite a ruckus

Hoboken PBA President interviews with Channel 9 as master of ceremonies Paul Swibinski stands by.
Paul Swibinski of Vision Media is contracted by both the PBA and Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Seniors were brought in on a bus and went into the City Council Chambers.  They took a large amount of the seating during the meeting.  Foxwoods?  No, not the casino the Hoboken senior building.
The union Rat prop made an appearance.  Both sides of the street were cleared of residents vehicles and the rat had a prime safe parking spot outside City Hall.  Here it’s seen circling the block.
Paul Swibinski isn’t saying he’s number one although his 300K in earnings from Hudson County politicos surely must place him at the top of the heap.  Here’s he’s actually signaling to people to move during the protest.
A tale of two cities: a group of protestors walks south on Washington St. while residents head north.  There was no interaction between the protestors and the public witnessed by MSV.  Councilwoman Terry Castellano would most likely describe that indifference as “hatred” for Hoboken born residents.  The true difference: a group largely of civil service and non-taxpaying residents and the other: those paying the freight.  
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