Save the hospital! The anti-Appleseed/Hoboken411/Mason petition edition

The chatter about stopping the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center to HUMC Holdco continues with a politically orchestrated petition following some circumspect phone calls to residents the Hudson Reporter described as coming from one of the unions at the hospital.

Now Hoboken resident Scott Siegel has produced a counter petition to the one pushed by Appleseed.  The Appleseed petition was sent to an odd list including Hoboken411 but not two Hoboken City Council members on the reform side of the ledger.

The only deal to save Hoboken University Medical Center from closure and keep the taxpayers from being hit with a $52 million bond bill is under threat of being blown up.  Take a wild guess who is behind it?

Mayor Zimmer who has been holding community meetings on the matter is quoted as saying if the deal falls through the hospital will close.  No one has disputed this basic fact. Although the hospital has slowed its losses, it’s continuing at a burn rate of millions in the red annually.

Grafix Avenger in perhaps some of her finest if not absolute best work to date outlined the coalition working to stop the sale, noting the contradictions of Appleseed’s Director saying Hoboken politics doesn’t enter into their action.  But GA shows clear and transparent political orchestration to sabotage the only remedy to keep the hospital open – a deal with Holdco.

In the linked story, Grafix Avenger painfully outlines the political orchestration evident between Appleseed and Beth Mason’s political apparatus Hoboken411.  It’s a convincing mound of evidence right down to the same graphics used by the two.  Later Appleseed would try to distance themselves from the error linking the two but too late before getting caught.

Once again this demonstrates what some people are willing to do to stave off a victory for Hoboken all in the name of politics.  How the hospital union(s) expect to see a win from this is unclear.  Blowing up this deal, no matter how imperfect means they all lose their jobs and the city loses a hospital and gets handed a $52 million bond bill.

Grafix Avenger shows the international pull of Appleseed’s attempt
to prevent the sale of Hoboken’s hospital in its petition drive.
Unfortunately that flavor is not too Hoboken centric.

Scott Siegel writes:

HUMC is bleeding $1 million per month. They have $20 million in accounts receivable that they can’t pay. The only hope is to accept Hold Co’s proposal. One major benefit will be affiliating services. 

Lets say I have ailment A and you B. I live in Hoboken you in Bayonne. By combining both hospitals HUMC will discontinue A. Bayonne would expand A. This means I go to Bayonne. You would go to Hoboken for B under the same situation. 

This is why Hold Co is willing to commit $20 million in capital improvements. Some services will be expanded while others will be curtailed. This is the only way both hospitals can survive. The combined entity will also have a greater economy of scale which will lower costs even further. 

If Beth Mason Appleseed has their way HUMC will fail in 6 months to one year. They will owe creditors $25-30 million and bondholders $52 million plus interest. The only way that debt can be paid is the Peter Camaranno approach- massive upzoning (15-20 stories) with 100% lot coverage in the middle of Hoboken. The unions believe that the Hoboken taxpayers will be willing to subsidize $1 million per month. That would equate to a 20-25% tax increase. I doubt it to say the least. Show your support by signing the petition favoring this transaction. We must show the NJ Department of Health that Hoboken approves this transfer.

 Here is the counter petition to save the hospital:

Talking Ed Note:  A public meeting cancelled last week should be taking place tomorrow.  It will be an interesting dynamic to see who says what but more importantly why.

At the January hospital board meeting earlier this year, MSV witnessed union members griping to Beth Mason who declined to say anything at that meeting where the bidder Holdco was announced as entering into direct negotiations with the Hospital Authority.

Will Beth Mason come out tomorrow and take a shot at sabotaging the deal.  Nothing seems to get Beth Mason motivated other than taking a pot shots at Mayor Zimmer.  Like the budget surplus issue, it doesn’t matter if it hurts Hoboken, as long as it will damage the mayor.

The clock is running out on that too, for reasons beyond the July 1 ejection Mason is sure to see later this week as chair of the City Council.

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