SantaCon and Electors roll snake eyes

It’s the day after. If you’re on SantaCon time, you may be recovering from a two day hangover and if you’re a news junkie, withdrawal symptoms are beginning to take hold as we wind down toward Christmas and New Year’s.

Then there was that strange event yesterday ballyhooed and trumpeted (pardon the pun) by the FakeStream media as the day the electors needed to overturn the will of their state voters and be selecting. At least that’s what the news cycle spun at the public ceaselessly or so I hear. There’s no cable TV in the stable; cable is so analogue.

So the Hamilton Selectors beckoned along with some Hollywood celebrities who missed their sell by date a few decades ago. In the end, the surprise is five electors bailed on Hillary Clinton; four in Washington State and one in Hawaii. Horsey only tells you this in the event no one else will. You might have to go out of this world to Russian Sputnik news to see this mentioned in one place.

Sure beats a sack of coal from Comrade Putin. The irony here is piling too high for measure. Karmic political debts are a horrible thing to waste. Oh to remember the good old days when the KGB Colonel retained hope for us all in in an unhacked Stasi led East Germany! Now we must draw inspiration from crapademic neo-marxists running political operations through a complicit (or is it WikiLeaks leaked, colluding) media like PMSNBC.

Unlike the mind numbing never say an election is over or can’t be overturned or made illegitimate Fakestream, at least those SantaCons have the decency to pack up and leave when their sell by time is over.

Hey is that a uranium rebate courtesy of Rush-ya! Rush-ya!?
No, it’s merely holiday satirical fare courtesy of A.F. Branco at the Legal Insurrection.

Talking Ed Note: Who’s running against Mayor Zimmer in 2017? That’s a popular question and the de facto choice is said by some not so choice and lots of jabbering to push a less than well branded and properly aged candidate in their place. Drink invitations are delayed among some parties and hey, thanks for the offers. Keep those fermented carrots and chestnut fillies on ice.

More on all this at the appropriate time in MSV Premium in a massive end of year edition next week.

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