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Sanford-Conrad for Hoboken Republican Committee announce:
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

A little over a month ago we launched our campaign for leadership of the Hoboken Republican Party.  Thank you for your positive response to our campaign.  We appreciate the time, energy, and money that so many of you have donated to our cause.  But the job is not finished yet – this Tuesday, June 3rd, please vote for all of our friends and candidates running under “Column K” on the Hudson County Republican Party line!

The race is almost over and with your help this Tuesday “Column K” is going to win big!

Our campaign has focused on a positive agenda.  We will continue to lead by example and work with all people to act on solving the issues confronting our community.  Our campaign has shown that when we work together we can achieve great things.

Under our leadership the Republican Party will be a force for change in Hoboken.  We ask for your vote to help make change happen in our city.  Together we can speak out on important issues and hold local officials accountable. Together we can build the Republican Party into a viable alternative to the status quo.  Together we can build a record of success and achievement.  That is what our team stands for, and we would be honored to have your vote!

This Tuesday, June 3rd, please help us finish the job, and vote “Column K” for all candidates running under the Hudson County Republican Party line!

With sincere thanks,

James Sanford
Hoboken Republican Chair Nominee

Theodore Conrad
Hoboken Republican Vice-Chair Nominee

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