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City of Hoboken announces:

In response to resident concerns about excessive vehicle speeds along 15th Street between Hudson and Garden Streets, the City of Hobokenhas implemented inexpensive measures which have reduced speeds by up to 8 percent.
The improvements include repainting the stop bars, “stop” letter markings, crosswalks, and adding shoulder striping to narrow the travel lane. The purpose of this last measure was to reduce vehicle speeds along the section of roadway.
Vehicle speed studies conducted before and after the improvements found an 8 percent decrease in East-bound average vehicle speeds and a 5 percent decrease in West-bound vehicle speeds.
“Paint can be surprisingly effective and cost thousands less than other options,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “This is a first step at calming traffic and improving the safety of the street, and it should go hand-in-hand with enhanced enforcement efforts.”
Despite public perception of the street being a “speedway,” the “before” speed survey indicates that the average speed of vehicles on this street is below the posted speed limit, although there are still vehicles that exceed the limit.
The “after” survey demonstrates that an appreciable and noticeable difference in vehicle speeds is successfully attained by the simple and inexpensive striping measures taken.
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